September Showcase

Join your fellow tourism industry colleagues this month as we take action to fulfill our civic duty as citizens of the Great State of Florida. Our future is in our hands!

Educate | Election season is in full swing and now, more than ever, our elected officials and candidates for public office must understand the crucial role your organization plays in stimulating the economy, employment, and elevating the quality of life for the residents of your community.

Activate | Ensure your employees are registered to vote and that they're provided the resources to make informed choices on November 6.


This September, join the Florida Association of Museum's September Showcase and invite elected officials and candidates for state and local offices to visit your museum and learn what you do to impact your community and our state. 

Who To Invite: 
Current Office Holders and Candidates

► State House of Representatives

► State Senate

► County Mayors and County Commissioners

► County School Board Members and Superintendent

► City Mayors and City Council Members

Messages to Share:

► Your Museums’ Employment (number of staff, volunteers)

► Visitor Numbers (residents, tourists, children served)

► Economic Impact in Your Community

► Capital Projects (jobs created, products/sales tax impact)

► Educational Opportunities (afterschool, seniors, exhibits, camps, etc.)

► Quality of Life

► Your Personal Story - How did you get involved in the museum and the impact the state grant program has on our institution.  Give specifics on the small percentage received from the state, but the private match that is supported by donors, admission, special events, etc. 

FAM Resources

Additional Resources from FAA

Provided to FAM members by our friends in the Florida Attractions Association

► 2018 Guide to Conducting a Successful Legislative Visit

► Florida Tourism Infographic

► Study: The Economic Impact of Out-of-State Visitor Spending in Florida by Tourism Economics

► Your county tourism impact data.  Please contact your county DMO/TDC/CVB for data demonstrating the economic impact of tourism on your county.

Please help us by providing a quick report on your September Showcase invited guests. Email and provide the name of your guest, the date they visited and any pertinent information on their feedback, particularly their support(or opposition) of museum and tourism-related issues. For current Legislators and candidates please provide insight into their response as it relates to Dept of State grant funding, VISIT FLORIDA funding and extending VISIT FLORIDA beyond the current October 1, 2019 sunset. 


► Ensure your employees are registered to vote.

► If your September guests are predominantly local, hold a Voter Registration Drive at your museum.

► Contact your county Supervisor of Elections to discuss hosting a Voter Registration Drive at your organization.

► Online Voter Registration


Key Dates

       October 9, 2018

Registration Deadline

       October 2-9, 2018

Vote-by-Mail Ballot "Send" Deadline

       October 27 - 
       November 3, 2018             

Early Voting Period

       November 6, 2018

General Election


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