Your collections policy contains many of the driving methods and theories of your collections management system. While there may be overlapping considerations among different organizations, your policy must consider unique management strategies for your unique collections. One of these unique considerations could be a digitzation plan. In this module, you will gain a better understanding of digitzation plans and will be able to anser the questions : Does your institution need to digitize? and How will digitization impact use? 


Note:  When viewing the webinars a new browser page will open.  

Discussion Questions
During the webinar, you heard about policies related to digitization. Describe a policy example from your institution. Or provide recommendations for developing a policy. What, if anything, did you hear in the webinar that prompted you to refine a section(s) of your institution’s policy, or create a new one? 

Online Resources
Association of Research Libraries (ARL), Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries

Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), Well-Intentioned Practice for Putting Digitized Collections of Unpublished Materials Online

California Digital Library, Digital File Format Recommendations: Master Production Files

Federal Agencies Digitization Initiative (FADGI) Still Image Working Group, Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials: Creation of Raster Image Master Files


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