Training and Practical Applications

The Collections Management Policy/Development Policy is a critical guiding document for museums, libraries, archives, special collections and zoos. It is important that the staff is educated on how this document functions within the institution. This module includes discussion of best practices for teaching staff about the collections policy and how and why it functions as an important guiding document.


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Discussion Questions

Training the entire staff of your institution about the importance of your collections management policy is imperative for it to function properly.

  • How will you develop training exercises with staff on utilizing policies?
  • What opportunities can you create to educate staff about policies?
  • What types of training exercises can you do with your staff?

Utilizing the game spinner have each participant take a turn at the spinner.  Read the question or topic to the group and discuss among the group. Use examples from your policy or institution. 


Online Resources
Alaska State Museums - Policies, Plans and Procedural Documents (.pdf)

Things Great and Small: Collections Management Policies by John E. Simmons - Policy or Procedure(.pdf)

American Alliance of Museums, Collections Stewardsip:

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