Case Studies

It is often through the personal experiences of our colleagues that we learn of techniques and methods that will assist us in the development of our emergency plans. In this module, you will have the chance to see how two institutions from different geographic locations dealt with disasters. Their inspiring stories describe how they were able to get back on their feet and open to the public as quickly as possible.  


Note:  When viewing the webinars a new browser page will open.  

Discusion Questions

  • Case Studies-After viewing the case studies presented as part of this module, do you think your institution’s emergency plan outlines an effective recovery effort? Why or why not?
  • Case Studies-If you have experienced a disaster, did you have a plan in place? Did the plan work? If not, what, if any, changes to the plan did your institution make? If the plan was successful, what key strategies made it work?

Online Resources
American Institute of Conservation (AIC)-National Heritage Responders


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