Putting it all Together

Emergency plans come in various formats and sizes, depending on the size of the institution, the different threats the institution could face, and the type of collection. This module presents a basic outline of typical elements found in the emergency plans of institutions across the country. As you complete your plan you should also focus on ways to make your emergency plan a "living document" for your institution. By becoming a living document, your emergency plan will take its place as one of the guiding documents of your institution. 


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Practical Activities

  • Elements of a Plan-A separate worksheet has been developed for this activity.

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Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum - Elements of a Plan Sample (.pdf)

Florida State University Libraries - Elements of a Plan Sample (.pdf)

West Florida Historic Preservation Inc. - Flip Chart Sample (.pdf)

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Online Resources
PALMCOP, Action Plan Template

Nebraska State Historical Society, Are You Prepared? A Guide to Emergency Planning (includes sample action plans)

Library Leadership & Management, Be Prepared: Writing a Practical Disaster Manual (for libraries)

National Park Service, Conserv-O-Gram
Museum Staff Emergency Procedures: A Sample Emergency Telephone List (2005)
Museum Staff Emergency Procedures: A Sample Emergency "Flip Chart" (2005)

Northeast Document Conservation Center, Preservation Leaflets, Worksheet for Outlining a Disaster Plan

University of Utah, Emergency Flip Chart

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