Training & Practical Applications

Once you have completed your emergency plan, your institution can now focus on staff training for your specific plan. Training will include both internal training for all staff, and training for some staff within the community. The latter is both an opportunity to integrate your emergency plan into other community responses, and to get to know emergency responders before the emergency. Webinars in this module will look at different kinds of training opportunities available for your staff, both institution and community emergency training. You wil also be able to view practical exercises you can use to train staff for emergency situations.   


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Discussion Questions

  • Practical Applications: Of the practical exercises (table-tops and drills) presented in the Training Staff webinar, would either or both work well for your institution? Describe all the training exercises you think will be most effective for your particular institution and how you will develop and implement them.

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum - Training Sample (.pdf) 

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Online Resources
Training and Practical Applications
American Institute of Conservation (AIC)-National Heritage Responders

California Preservation Program, Disaster Plan Exercise

American Institute of Conservation (AIC), Heritage Emergency Program, Courses in Emergency Management for Cultural Heritage Responders

Rescuing, ICS for Cultural Institutions


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