Emergency Planning Webinars + Resources

In 2020  and 2021, FAM offered multiple programs, trainings and guidance related to emergency planning and response for cultural institutions in the State of Florida. This content is applicable to a wide variety of cultural institutions and these webinars and resources serve not only museums but also libraries, archives, arts organizations and many other cultural organizations throughout our state. 

Partners: Florida Humanities, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEP), Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), Society of Florida Archivists, and various Community Foundations. 

2020/2021 Program Announcement Press Release

2020/2021 Recorded Webinar Series:

Pre-Work - Navigating Reopening: A Moderated Discussion for Small Museums
Pre-Work - Introduction to Digitization
Part 1: Threat Identification & Risk Assessment
Part 2: Building Your Plan
Part 3: Identifying Supplies & Shaping Your Team
Part 4: Salvage Priorities & Techniques
Part 5: Response Tabletops for Small Institutions
Part 6: Response Tabletops for Large Institutions

Covid-19 Special Webinars - 2020
To Open or Not to Open: Things to Consider to Keep Staff & Visitors Safe
Navigating Reopening: A Moderated Discussion for Small Museums

FAMF's Connecting to Collections Emergency Planning Series

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