DEIA: Inclusion & Accessibility

Thursday, April 15, 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Webinar #1: Inclusion and Accessibility for People with Disabilities

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The Florida Association of Museums DEIA webinar series is a resource for our Florida Museums that are seeking to activate their DEIA programs. At the core of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility, is being thoughtful, purposeful, anti-racist, and authentic in your work, and human-centered in your actions and practice. For a museum, this includes everything from your facility to your collections, from your exhibitions to your programming, from your board and staff to your outreach into the community.

How welcome is your Museum for people with disabilities? What accommodations or special programming do you provide? The first in a four-part DEAI webinar series will focus on accessibility, inclusion and social justice in Museums, and will provide practical applications and help your institution to build relationships that create a welcoming atmosphere and experience. The webinar includes the following presentations, as well as a healthy Q&A, resource lists, and group discussion:

Museums and the Human Spirit: Accessibility, Inclusion and Social Justice
Speaker: Susan Baldino, PhD, Regional Program Coordinator, Arts4All Florida

Susan Davis Baldino is Arts4All Florida Regional Program Coordinator for the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend area and teaches graduate seminars in museum studies at Florida State University. Her doctoral research focuses on inclusive learning in museums. Connected to the disability, arts, and museum communities through research, work and personal life, Susan is a longstanding advocate for accessibility, inclusion, and social justice. She is charter member of Keys to Exceptional Youth Success and former chair of the FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Constituency Board. She served as member of the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, Chair of the Florida Association of Museums Foundation, and President of the Tallahassee Museum. She is part of the FSU “University of Choice” initiative and is a Knight Creative Communities Institute Catalyst. Susan has curated ten “Artists and Autism” exhibitions and numerous museum and online exhibitions for Arts4All Florida.

Susan Baldino, Arts4All Florida

Everyone is Welcome: A Deep Dive into Accessibility in Museums
Speaker: Hana Squires, Accessibility Coordinator and City Tours Manager, HistoryMiami Museum

Hana Squires is the City Tours Manager and Accessibility Coordinator at HistoryMiami Museum and has been with the museum since 2014. In her role as the City Tours Manager, Hana develops and manages the museum’s City Tours programming, including walking, boat, coach, train, and virtual tour experiences along with speaking engagements, group tours of the Museum’s exhibitions, and classes facilitated by the museum’s Resident Historian. In her work, she develops relationships with community stakeholders throughout Miami. As the museum’s Accessibility Coordinator, Hana collaborates with all departments on the museum’s accessibility initiatives, best practices, and requirements, including accessible design in marketing and exhibition spaces, access in programming, and web accessibility. She connects with the public to ensure that all visitors are able to experience and engage with the museum’s exhibitions and programs without barriers. Hana studied history and anthropology at the University of Miami.

Hana Squires, HistoryMiami Museum 

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